Age Discrimination Guidance


Age Discrimination Guidance

The guidance on the Age Discrimination Legislation has been published (click here) and there is good news on how it is to be applied to tourism businesses. While we managed to get some concession on the exemption itself, the guidance on how the legislation applies to tourism businesses allows further room to provide age-related products and services.

Central to this is the guidance as to what will be considered “Objective Justification”. After arguing that it would be very difficult for tourism businesses to provide hard data to show objective justification, the Home Office have relaxed the wording of the guidance to say that a legitimate aim for discrimination will be:

“outcomes that are socially positive or generally in the public interest.

For example:

• Enabling people of a particular age or age range to socialise together – outings, events, etc.

• Enabling people of a particular age or age ranges to enjoy activities together – hiking, sports, etc.

• Enabling people of a particular age to enjoy peace and quiet.”


“Social and community factors that could be legitimate aims would include behaviour such as:

• bringing people together of a certain age to enjoy activities and socialise;

• avoiding disturbance or noise in a certain area.”

This should give tourism businesses a lot more ability to provide products and service targeted at particular age groups or to refuse bookings from groups of young people on the basis to the noise and disturbance that they may cause.

So a good outcome.

Kurt Janson

Policy Director

Tourism Alliance


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