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Coastal Holiday Cottages in Wales

When people think of the most alluring natural scenery in Wales, they often think of the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia. Two admittedly dramatic and beautiful national parks. What isn’t always considered is the Welsh coast—all 870 miles of it. Some would argue, it’s the finest coast in the whole of the UK, and they’d have a point. At Premier Cottages, we have many coastal cottages in Wales, all of which set within 1 mile of a beach, dotted down the western seaboard. These are some of the most luxurious we have, some with unbroken sea views that are hard to beat.

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What makes the Welsh coast so attractive is its rough edges. Wales as a country, is never flat, never boring, and very green. Wherever its prominent hills and valleys meet the sea, there are rugged cliffs dusted with wildflowers in summer and white gold beaches—perfect for lazing, surfing, and finding peace by the waves. Booking yourself a coastal holiday cottage in Wales, is something you’ll remember fondly for a lifetime.

The Wales Coast Path, launched in 2012, was the first in the world to follow the entirety of a country’s coastline. It climbs up hill and down dale, and meanders around secret coves all the way from Queensferry near Liverpool to Chepstow on the River Severn. An epic journey, with many bite sized sections of path for you to explore for the day. In the west, where we have our luxury holiday cottages, you’ll find some of the best beaches Wales has to offer—including Barafundle Bay, Broad Haven South, Fresh Water West, Marloes Sands, Mwmt, and Penbryn. All these secluded coves and bays are a world away from the urban, and the hectic.

What our coastal holiday cottages in Wales buy you, is time away from the stresses and strains of daily life. Time for you and those you love to be free and experience the soulful and purifying power of the ocean. Imagine your own Welsh holiday cottage, with a panoramic sea view balcony, and watching the sun go down over the deep blue, listening to the soft roar of breakers in the distance. It doesn’t get more idyllic. 

Along with Scotland, Wales is the most untamed place in the UK. Outside of Cardiff and Newport in the South East, it’s all lush countryside, skyward peaks, and roughhewn coast. Picking out a coastal holiday cottage in Wales, is less a staycation, and more the start of a wonderful adventure.


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