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Cottages with striking individual character

We’re not only proud to offer hundreds of four and five star holiday properties throughout the UK and Ireland, but our portfolio also offers homes with unique character that set them apart from the rest. Whether your idea of a perfect holiday property is a quirky cottage, a refurbished barn or a breathtaking apartment with views you’ll never forget, we’ve got just the portfolio for an extra special break.

We only select holiday cottages that reach the highest standards to ensure our guests only receive the quality that you can expect from a Premier Cottage. Many of our larger properties make a unique destination for a reunion or family gathering. Some of our properties offer you the use of a swimming pool, tennis court, play area for children and fishing lake which provides something to do no matter how young or old you are!

Holidays are all about spending time together, and we believe that a property you’ll never forget adds even more to your experience. Many of our luxurious properties are steeped in history and packed with fascinating features, whilst others find themselves surrounded by modern additions that make them even more exciting. Bear our more unique choices in mind if you’re planning a break to mark a landmark or a celebration, as the homes with the novelty factor add an extra something to any party or gathering.


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